Privacy Policy

Balloon World, referred to in this policy as "we" , "us" or "our", are pleased to provide information to all of our visitors about our online privacy policy. Please be assured that we use our best efforts to protect the privacy of the visitors to this website.

All website visitors are referred to in this policy as “you”.

Contained Within This Policy


  • Types Of Information We Collect and How It Is Used
  • Sharing of Personal Information
  • Access to Personal Information
  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy
  • How to Contact Us


Types of Information We Collect and How It Is Used

We only gather personal information from customers when voluntarily submitted by you. For example, personal information may be collected from you when you give feedback via email, or through registering for the shop and submitting personal details for the purpose of ordering items.

All personal information collected will only be used by us for the purpose of performing the function to which it was collected  (which may include one to which you have expressly given your consent) and not for any other purpose.


Sharing of Personal Information

Any personal information we collect is stored securely and is never moved outside the Balloon World network unless specified.  Occasionally data we store is moved to a removable medium simply for backup purposes, however this is stored securely and does not affect the rights of the Data Subject as stated elsewhere in this policy.

All access to data stored on our records is restricted and any information given to us can and will be deleted from our records at the request of its rightful owners, the Data Subject, and will not be kept in any shape or form in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

We also reserve the right to use or disclose any information as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to protect the integrity of the site, to fulfil your requests, or to co-operate in any law enforcement or regulatory investigation. Save for this, we do not sell, transfer or disclose personal information that we have collected from you in connection with our website activities, to third parties outside of Balloon World.

All access to personal information if needed to perform such functions as detailed above, will only be permitted to be used by us for the purpose of performing that function (which may include one to which you have expressly given your consent) and not for any other purpose.

Whilst we make every effort only to tie-in with reputable companies which have a similar high regard for your privacy, you should make sure you are aware of what their policies are, as we are not responsible for the policies and practices of other companies.


Access to Personal Information

You are in control of any personal information you provide to us online. If at any time, you would like to correct the personal information we hold about you or if you would like to change your preferences for contacts from us you can let us know by contacting us at the address listed below.

In order to review any personal information we have collected about you via our website or to ask us to delete that information or to stop further use of the information, please submit this via the address listed below.

Your right to contact us as described above is separate from and does not affect your rights under applicable UK privacy and communications legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

From time to time, it may be necessary for us to change this privacy policy, so we suggest that you check here periodically. Rest assured, however, that any changes will not be retrospectively applied and will not alter how we handle previously collected information. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will also be posted on our home page for a minimum period of 28 days and notifications will be sent to any individuals whose data is stored in our records.


How to Contact Us

If you require any further information about Balloon World's Privacy Policy or anything else about Balloon World then you can contact us at:  or 07711 529945.